Mr and Mrs Muse About Us


Ask any man when is the last time he bought new undies, and chances are he’ll respond with a blank stare. This made us start to wonder: Can we get guys to care more about their underwear? As it turns out, the answer is, um…no. But along the way, we discovered that the only thing saving most men from a life of embarrassingly old underwear is a loving woman. It may not sound as romantic as, say, a candlelight dinner, but refreshing a significant other’s underwear drawer is one of the sweetest expressions of love and intimacy there is. Mr & Muse was created to turn men’s underwear into a sexy conversation-starter that makes giving it, getting it—and even buying it for yourself—more fun.


Our company name, Mr & Muse, is a nod to the men who inspired our products, and to the dynamic women (the muses) who play a vital role in their lives. Women are the secret to our success, too. They guide everything we do, from helping us design our products to selecting our charitable partners.